I love traveling with Marcy. I'd go anywhere she was willing to take me. She's organized, attentive, talented and FUN FUN FUN. She knows so much about Paris and is very generous in sharing her knowledge. She has been able to arrange wonderful small studio visits, leads us to great shops and neighborhoods. Her palate is wonderful so the food she discovers is fabulous. Her sister, Katharine, is now her partner and they are an incredible team. Lots of laughs. Lots of interesting inspiring side trips. I've been twice. great group dynamics, too. I recommend travel with Paris Tiltons with wholehearted enthusiasm. All ages, too." — MARY from OREGON

Going to Paris with Marcy was one of the best travel experiences I ever had. I dream of going again someday and the May trip may be the perfect opportunity. Even though each trip is unique because of the participants and excursions, I didn't want to go on the "same" trip as before. Marcy is thorough in her planning and organization, is a delight to be around with her energy and enthusiasm, and she knows her way around Paris! You don't always have to stay with the group if there is something else you'd like to experience--but the group is a lot of fun, and you don't want to miss out. I remember my trip almost everyday: Standing in front of the Mona Lisa by myself, seeing in real life the Impressionist paintings I love, listening to the organ concert at the Notre Dame Cathedral with Mary and Robin, walking the streets and boulevards, and the list goes on. Going to France had always been a dream of mine, and going with Marcy was the perfect first experience! —MARLA from COLORADO

Marcy and Katherine are the perfect traveling companions-organized and knowledgeable...... There is the freedom to go on your own but if you are less confident they were perfectly wonderful about guiding you where you wanted to go or letting you tag along on their forays. Very nice balance of activity/structure with free time to explore. Lots of walking, good food (but not many big evening meals which was great) and so much to see. I went to Paris alone and returned with a new sense of travel savvy that was the result of the gentle tutelage of the Tilton sisters.—KRISTEN from THE TWIN CITIES

I went on Marcy's first tour to Paris. I was the only one in our group who had never met Marcy or taken any of her classes. Although I do some hand quilting, I didn't sew clothing like everyone else in the group. It didn't matter one bit. Although we did go shopping for fabric, we also went shopping for just about anything else. I had been to Paris 5 times before this trip, and I got to see sights I had never been to before. We went to restaurants I hadn't been to before, and are now on my list of favorites when I go back to Paris. I enjoyed meeting all of the ladies (and one brave man!) The best part of the trip for me was how relaxing it was. Even though we were very busy all day, I didn't have to make any decisions about anything. I just followed the plan, and had a fantastic time. I highly recommend going with Marcy! —KAREN from COLORADO

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