Preparing for Paris

ParisTilton Prep Rituals

A week or two before departure, we have our Sunday morning try-on ritual. All the potential clothes go on a rack. We put on a touch of makeup and good underwear and go to it always takes a few hours. Every garment we’re considering goes on a rolling rack and then each garment is tried on in different combinations of pant, top, jacket, vest, coat, shoes and scarf. Amazing how necessary this step is. Lots of laughing, some swapping back and forth, and at the end, the rack is pared down, there is a pile of things to alter or press, and sometimes a short list of things to sew to fill in the gaps. The rack stays out so we can continue the editing process. A big help to do this in stages rather than at the last moment.

The video gives an idea of how it goes....

A week from departure (less, now as I write this), the suitcases come out and the serious final sort happens. Stay tuned, the next Paris blog will feature some of our favorite places and adventures in the City of Light.

Wishing you happy Fall and Happy Sewing from our studios to yours,

Marcy and Katherine

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