ParisTilton Discovers Denim Studio in Paris

Denim has certainly been claimed here in the USA but the fabric originated in France. 'Serge de Nîmes' ('fabric of Nîmes') remains the sturdy textile adopted by businessman Levi Strauss and tailor Jacob Davis to create the classic 'blue jean' ('Genes' was a term the French used to describe the people of Genoa, Italy where the first trousers were made).

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ParisTilton Bests: #1

We get questions from people about where to go and what to do in Paris. Over the years we've been coming to Paris, Katherine and I continue to seek out new places, people and things on each visit. While we reserve special places and sources for our ParisTilton tours, there are many other resources to share. It is not possible to answer each e-mail request for information individually, so we'll post some favorite sources under this heading from time to time.

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Preparing for Paris

We are gearing up for our upcoming Fall '16 ParisTilton Tour. Preparations begin 6-8 weeks before departure, kicked off by pinning up the calendar on the wall where we look at it every day. Color keyed sticky notes make it easy to fine tune the itinerary. Notes include destinations, museum hours etc...

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Marcy packs for the Spring 2015 Tours

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